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Fashion and Friends new store opening

Fashion and Friends new store opening




Fashion&Friends as our favourite multi-brand store has opened a new store in Ilica. For the very first time, modern and urban brands are on the one of the most attractive locations in Zagreb. Brands that are represented by this multi-brand concept store, are part of international fashion houses with the focus on trendy and urban clothes. Band ‘Pravila igre’ held concert on the top floor of the tourist bus, that marked,  official opening of Fashion & Friends store.




Store opening event was attended by numerous celebrities of Croatian public scene as Nina Badrić, Mia Kovačić, Žanamari Perčić, Antonija Stupar Jurkin, Kristina Šalinović, Ivana Mišerić, Dean Pelić, Igor Barberić, Miran Kurspahic, fashion editors and journalists, who were delighted with modern and unique store concept. The store is large, spacious and full of quality clothes.

Upgrade your everyday style with Fashion&Friends multi-brand store!