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HAVAIANAS – made in Brasil, adored in Croatia

The first, unique and original rubber flip-flops introduce the temperamental spirit and joy of South America

HAVAIANAS_Original do Brasil (4) HAVAIANAS_Original do Brasil (6)

Known and beloved by everyone, these seemingly regular flip-flops and summer sandals bring a touch of adventure and the incredible history which conquered Brasil, and later on, the entire world. Created in 1962, based on the traditional Japanese zori sandal, they were named after the Portuguese pronounciation of the island-state of Hawaii. These enduring and flexible sandals became statement footwear among Brasilians. The citizens of Brasil love Havaianas flip-flops and wear them regardless of social status. The brand is an integral part of the country’s cultural identity, and that is confirmed by the fact that a pair of Havaianas flip-flops was included in the consumption bundle which measured inflation in Brasil. The brand’s initial appearance in other countries, along with its international expansion, began completely spontaneously – tourists and other visitors to the country would buy them and take them home as souvenirs and gifts, which inspired the brand to open new distribution centres in Europe, Australia, USA, Phillipines and the rest of the world. The recognizable design which evokes thoughts of summer and lightness of being has been gradually developing from the original model of flip-flops which came in only two shades. Today, Havaianas has developed over 30 new models in countless colours and prints, while also collaborating with famous fashion names like Missoni, Liberty, Charlotte Olympia and many others. For the year 2017, Havaianas has prepared a multitude of new lines and fashion collaborations which will bring a touch of the carefree Brasilian spirit into every single facet of your life. Besides the world-known and rubber flip-flops, Havaianas will premiere crossover sandals, fashion espadrilles, sneakers and rain boots in vibrant shades. Conor Communications are proud to announce their collaboration with the Havaianas brand for the year 2017 in the field of promotion and PR.

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