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Armani Exchange – new fashion imperative of famous Croats

VIP party in occasion of opening of the first Croatian Armani Exchange store in City Center one West Zagreb and exclusive presentation of summer trends, brought together a lot of famous guests. Armani Exchange clothes, shoes and accessories collections are available in over 200 stores all over the world and capture the spirit of new generations – interesting design, constant fashion innovations, absolute practicality and the ideal price to quality ratio.


Ana Miščević Andrea Andrassy, Igor Barberić Andrea Andrassy Antonija Stupar Jurkin Armani Exchange_Andrea Andrassy i Igor Barberić Armani Exchange_Igor Barberić Armani Exchange_Korana Gvozdić Dean Pelić, Korana Gvozdić, Miran Kurspahić, Jelena Glišić, Iva Šulentić, Ivan Vukušić, Andrea Andrassy, Antonija Stupar Jurkin, Igor Barberić Dean Pelić DJ Vanillaz (Marko Bucić i Miha Pajk) Ecija Ivušić Igor Barberić Iva Šulentić, Ivan Vukušić Iva Šulentić Ivan Vukušić, Iva Šulentić Ivan Vukušić Jelena Glišić Korana Gvozdić Miran Kurspahić, Andrea Andrassy Miran Kurspahić Sandra Vranješ Milić

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